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TLAC Online provides the opportunity to learn and practice Teach Like a Champion techniques on your own schedule.

TLAC Online currently has 24 modules covering 11 TLAC techniques across three categories:

Behavior and Culture Planning for Achievement Engaging Academics
What to Do
Least Invasive Intervention
Strong Voice
Double Plan
Plan for Error
Art of the Sentence
Exit Tickets
Cold Call
Show Call
Stretch It

Each 15-minute module follows a similar design pattern:

  • Read a brief description of the technique
  • Observe the technique in action in K-12 classrooms, complete with expert analysis
  • Watch TLAC team members model how to practice the technique
  • Practice the technique yourself--usually on video--several times, with each practice round becoming increasingly more challenging
  • Share your final round of practice with a colleague or a coach

Some modules also include Doug Lemov in conversation with champion leaders and teachers about the benefits, impact, and nuances of the specific technique.

Want to try it out? Click here for free access to Cold Call – Positive Cold Call Culture.

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12-month, single-user, subscription to TLAC Online

Introductory Rate: $48.00/year

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