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With short, digestible online modules and carefully crafted practice methods, you can bridge the gap between seeing a technique and being able to use it confidently and consistently in your classroom.

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15 Minute Modules

Designed for busy teachers, each 15-minute module follows a proven four step-approach.

Step Into a Classroom

Observe the technique in action with teachers and students.

Study the Technique

Analyze additional footage to learn how to execute the technique.


Based on what's modelled, practice the technique to gain confidence.

Review and Share

Record yourself practicing then share with others for feedback.

Improve Your Craft Anywhere, Anytime

Founded by Doug Lemov, Teach Like a Champion is part of Uncommon Schools’ commitment to share teaching insights and knowledge that enable all students to achieve at dramatically higher levels. TLAC Online provides a flexible, accessible and proven way to access and learn effective teaching techniques.

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Access to all modules for a year is $48 per teacher.

We also offer discounts for teams, schools, districts and networks.

TLAC Online Modules TLAC Online currently has 41 modules covering 17 techniques in 2 categories:

Building Strong Classroom Culture

  • What To Do
  • Radar
  • Least Invasive Intervention
  • Strong Voice
  • Positive Framing
  • Systems & Routines
  • Remote Teaching: Building Culture

Engaging Academics

  • Cold Call
  • Show Call
  • Ways of Reading
  • Knowledge Building Tools
  • Double Plan
  • Plan for Error
  • Exit Tickets
  • Art of the Sentence
  • Stretch It
  • Remote Teaching: Engaging Academics
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Resources to help managers and coaches get started:

From Purchase to Launch Guide

Follow these step-by-step directions to purchase subscriptions and set up your account.

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TLAC Online + Get Better Faster

Use this at-a-glance guide to align observations within the Get Better Faster framework to TLAC Online modules.

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Positive Cold Call Culture

Set students up for successful Cold Calls by ensuring that the technique is warm, predictable, and universal.

Estimated time to complete
15-20 mins

Everybody Writes: Using the Chat

Use the chat to drive active engagement and surface ideas from all students.

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Estimated time to complete
10-15 mins

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See what other people are saying about TLAC Online.

Jennifer Baxi

Jennifer Baxi

Senior Associate Director of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion at Uncommon Schools

The Teach Like a Champion Online Modules are easy to follow, and incredibly impactful if you are looking to build your capacity as an effective teacher. If your desire is to grow into an effective teacher, you will most certainly get better faster through your use of these modules.

LaKenya Sharpe

LaKenya Sharpe

Principal of Collins Academy High School, Chicago Public Schools

TLAC Online's concise and targeted modules with their clear criteria for success have become key levers for improving teacher practice at my school.

Brent Maddin

Brent Maddin

Executive Director of Educator Workforce Initiatives at Arizona State University

There is no need for long professional developments that no one is going to complete. In 15 minutes, this will make you better in your classroom tomorrow. An elegant 15 minutes. Voila!

Nyree Addison

Nyree Addison

Associate Director of Recruitment at Uncommon Schools

I was excited to pilot the TLAC Online modules as a part of our interview process. It provides candidates with the support they need to put their best selves forward in an interview. As a recruiter, TLAC Online allows me to feel confident that I’m recommending the strongest candidates for our teaching roles thanks to the added layer of TLAC practice under their belt.

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