On this page you will find resources for implementing TLAC Online in your organization.

From Purchase to Launch Guide

Follow these step-by-step directions to purchase subscriptions and set up your account.

Download PDF

TLAC Online Implementation Guide

Use the modules as a coaching tool or PD resource to support teacher growth.

Download PDF

Module Management Guide

Learn how to customize the module order and due dates for your team, and see detailed data on your teachers’ progress.

Download PDF

TLAC Online + Get Better Faster

Use this at-a-glance guide to align observations within the Get Better Faster framework to TLAC Online modules.

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Feedback Practice Activity

Strengthen your skill to provide teachers feedback by studying sample final practice videos, drafting feedback, and comparing your feedback to ours.

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Module Feedback Guide

Focus teachers on the keys to implementing each technique effectively. This guide summarizes the success points and the most likely pitfalls for all of the techniques on TLAC Online.

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Classroom Feedback Guide

Help teachers see the results of using the techniques in their classrooms. This guide summarizes the anticipated impacts on student behavior and learning for all of the techniques on TLAC Online.

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Complete Set

Remote Adaptation Mini Modules

Download the introduction and all 6 Remote Adaptation Mini Modules as a single PDF


Using TLAC Online and the TLAC Blog to Enhance Your Remote & Hybrid Teaching

Download Introduction


Using Cold Call to Create Community in Hybrid Classrooms

Download Module 1


Three Types of Cold Call

Download Module 2


Cold Call With Cameras Off

Download Module 3


Set Up Tips to Support Show Call

Download Module 4


Centering Student Analysis & Voice With Show Call

Download Module 5


Modifying the Chat to Show Call

Download Module 6
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