TLAC Online contains 41 modules across 17 techniques, grouped into two categories:

Building Strong Classroom Culture

Engaging Academics

Modules Now Aligned to TLAC 3.0!

Revisions include new videos and more research supporting our techniques, all with the goal of continuing to uplift and empower our students.


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Building Strong Classroom Culture

What To Do

What To Do directions communicate what students SHOULD be doing, not what they SHOULDN'T be doing. Almost all other techniques rely on a foundation of clear directions. Start here if you're not sure where to begin.

Engaging Academics

Double Plan

Double Planning is the process of planning what both you and your students will do at each point in the lesson.

Exit Tickets

An Exit Ticket is a short, formative assessment that you can use to evaluate your students' success with the lesson objective. Use Exit Tickets to understand students' academic performance and plan how you will respond.

Art of the Sentence

When you use Art of the Sentence, you ask students to synthesize a conclusion, describe an insight, or summarize a complex idea in a single, well-crafted sentence.

Stretch It

When you Stretch It, you respond to students' correct answers with more challenging questions.

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